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Hello blogging world! Long time no type. I've been incredibly busy with my course - extremely enjoying it, at that! I'm finished lectures for this semester now and in between study breaks, I hope I'll manage to post some more. I changed computers recently and it was a bizarre transition but one I don't regret - I went from being a lifelong iMac user to Windows 8 on a Samsung... took some getting used to! I really do love my new computer though, it has touchscreen which I find beyond cool. As if I'm finally living in the future or something?! I hope one day the world will just be full of various sizes of screens to interact on... everything is blending into eachother and it's amazing!

In the midst of all this new technology though, is something I still hold dear - a beautiful wristwatch. I was contacted by Born Pretty to review one of their wristwatches, and I was so happy to do so! There is something so very special about watches, and I think that regardless of whatever technology we might have, they are a necessity for a well put together outfit. They lend a real touch of elegance and class. ٩(●˙▿˙●)۶…⋆ฺ

The watch I chose has such beautiful numerals, doesn't it? I am in love with it! The colour of the metal is a beautiful golden brass, and the dial is a pale cream. I am really happy with the wristband, too - the leather is of very good quality, but more than that, it has a lot of buckle holes for the wrist to adjust. I have very thin wrists and I find it difficult to find bracelets and watches that fit me well, but Born Pretty certainly cater to 

Please check out their online store - if the beautiful photos aren't enough to tempt you, they have also given me the chance to share with you this gift discount! They have a huge range... wrist watch, women's watch, LED watch, or my favourite, the bracelet watch! The bracelet watches are so so pretty, just like jewels that also have wonderful function. Check them out for yourself - just enter the code TAHTIKC10 for 10% discount on your order.
My outfit here is with one of my favourite skirts! It makes me feel like I'm wearing something nearly magical, I think it's so beautiful. It looks like a flowy watercolour in real life and as you can see, it is super dramatic in the wind! It's from River Island. I think they do more skirts like this too, and in different colours. They're really lovely, I want more! (◍•ᴗ•◍)❤  

Check this outfit out on Lookbook here!

In other news, I'm holding a dinner party tomorrow for some of my friends, I'm going to be preparing a Korean main dish for the first time for so many people.. (7, or 8 including me!) I'm nervous but excited and hope I can share some photos of what I create. Even if it bombs, my desserts tend to keep up my side of the business so there's that!

I went to Kaizoku Con last weekend - Cork's first anime convention in it's first year running! - and it was incredible. There were so many fantastic panels and cosplayers, and the trading hall was also excellent - so much beautiful art! I cosplayed as Yin from Darker Than Black this time around, I'll post photos soon.

Until then!
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I love my Samsung S4, I haven't found a single thing I dislike about it since I bought it... however I couldn't find a good case for it! Nothing was cool or fashionable or just... 'me' enough. I was on the hunt for it for what seemed like forever. I am super lucky because I was offered the chance to customize my own personal phone case, thanks to Anyshapes, who sponsored it! Thank you so much! \(^▽^)ノ 

Here are their links :

Anyshapes is the best and only 3D personalization phone case system. You can make your own unique case with any words and/or drawings from their system.
You can go to their Facebook, their customer service will help you make your own case!

Their shipping is super fast, I must say! Especially because you design it yourself, I was really pleasantly surprised. I chose a pixelated heart case with three macaron colours - pink, purple and green. It comes in loads of more colour options, you can find it here!

It comes in a box like this. I thought the way it was packaged was really cool! How it fits so neatly in the box with the protective foam. Very thoughtful, so the case won't have any damage!

Look at how perfect the 3D is!! I love it. It makes it really easy to hold your phone too, especially when taking pictures. The feeling of the case is really nice too, it's nearly silky? Very smooth and good quality.

I want to plan my nails and clothes around it, haha! I think it goes super well with this outfit - pastels with black details, the Anyshapes case just really is the perfect accessory to the outfit. Makes me want more! They have really cute pixelated envelopes which I love, I'd like to get my Chinese name too (苏星) - I think the characters are really beautiful. (speaking of, I'm still acing my Mandarin classes - first class honours all the way!! Maybe next year I will be writing blog posts in Mandarin too! aha /wishful thinking) 

Also, check out how great it is for mirror shots! I used to not really like taking many mirror shots, but when you have a good accessory case, it becomes really fun.

So have I convinced you yet? Aha I think I have! (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧ They can make cases for a huge range of phones - look at the options here!
Check out Anyshapes and tell me in the comments what kind of phone you would like! Do you like the design I picked, too?

Until next time!
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+ Leopard | 豹 +

冬天在爱尔兰, 今年的天气是好。很温暖!


I love this jacket~ ( ´͈ ॢꇴ `͈ॢ)・*♡ It's not getting cold at all in Ireland this year... we rarely get snow for Christmas anyway, but it seems to be a definite no this year. The mountains have sprinkling on the tops though, it's cute! I'm at home with my family now, getting my baking in gear and all the good things like that...
I'm wearing EOS Bubble Grey in these photos... although my limbal ring is difficult to cover up with pale lenses, these are pretty good. My sister said they make my eyes look ghostly... good compliment, hmm? ^.^

Check this out on lookbook.nu!

(Photos taken by MK)



I cut my hair! (^.^;) I've been wanting to do so for a long time... what do you think?


T | 星


+Edric Chen+

Last year I got the chance to model for the incredibly talented Edric Chen. Very late to be posting these images, but better late than never! We shot over two days in and around London. I had an amazing time - Edric is incredibly talented and a photographer who is amazing to work it, as well as being a fantastic personality to boot! Check out his sites here ~
Check out the look from here on LB - click!

(click on the pictures for the larger size)

All above work is copyright to Edric Chen



'Long Time, No See'

... indeed it has been! I'm finally back to posting on LB and hope to continue along this strain of internet-based productivity. It's a welcome break from intense amounts of studying - three exams before the holidays next week! Looking forward to finishing this year hopefully on a high...
You can find the details of this look on LB here!



First things first : did you miss me on lookbook.nu? If you did, you will be happy to know that I have my account with all my old looks due to the incredibly wonderful Yuri of LB. (more than thank you to her!..) I am more than excited to start posting again! Please fan me once more, and thank you for all your past and continuing support!


Also, I noticed I'm getting a lot more 中国人 readers...
我是语言学院的学生, 我学习汉语专业。我很喜欢中文,我认为中文有意思。
请问,您贵姓? 认识您我很高兴!

Last weekend I went to my first anime convention with the sci-fi society from my university! It was an incredible experience and it still feels bizarre settling back to reality. I had wanted to cosplay for a long time and I'm so thrilled I finally got the chance to do so. Asuka from Evangelion is one of my all-time favourite characters and so I chose her. Enjoyable moment of first walking into the con and having 'Asuka!!' shouted at me from across the room... I had a lot of photos taken, took a lot of photos of amazing cosplayers and got to know incredible people.
I think my favourite part of the event was the Sunday, watching screenings of Evangelion 1.0 and 2.22... so, so many feels ヽ(´□`。)ノ - in fact, the screenings in general were really great. They showed some of my favourites (Watamote and Chuunibyou) and I wish I'd gone to see more! I'm going to Kaizokucon in March next year so I'll be sure to remember to do so...
It was a pretty surreal experience, being surrounded by so many incredible costumes. I loved it so much... I wish it could be like that every day!... but then I suppose the magic would wear off?! ( p_q)
I only got a few photos on my camera, most were phone snaps - I wish I'd taken more but I was too busy having fun!

Eirtakon had moved to a new location - apparently they usually had it in UCD, but they had to change to Croke Park this year. From people who went to the previous cons apparently it was better there, but they did well with the location. There were some issues with screenings on the first day (they wouldn't play, Serial Experiments Lain screwed up and I was devastated) but this was fixed by the Saturday. The trader's hall was a great place to look at merchandise but I didn't find anything that I really loved - I wanted a Kyubey plushie and they only had these bizarre ones with huge heads. Shame! I bought a Tsukuyomi bag for €5, such a score! - and a few necklaces (Murua knockoff and a Kingdom Hearts pendant) and rings. My shinyuu Danyel got my a Glaceon bookmark which was so sweet~ thank you! <3

Some pretty graffiti in Dublin and art on windows...

Here is Danyel and I on the non-cosplay day... circle lenses for the win~ I'm wearing Geo Bella Blue and she is wearing EOS Ice in Purple. They look amazing with her eyes! We both have green eyes with distinct limbal rings so it's fun to look for lenses together.

Some details from the day! My hair has grown super much ah~ it's an okay length now but I would love it to be much longer... need to keep consuming ALL of the protein!

Here is the Kingdom Hearts necklace as a detail in what I was wearing today... it's perfect!.. \(^.^;)/

That is all as of now! I have a ridiculous lot of exams and assignments due next week, and best to delve into the workload instead of procrastinating... thank you for reading and I hope you've had a great week so far!

T xo